Liquid wallpaper

  • Environmental protection fashion、Dust、Stain resistant、Super easy to clean、Long service life
  • Do not fade、Easy to clean、Not peeling and cracking、With functions of moistureproof mildew
  • Rich patterns、Color variety、Can beDIYPersonalized design
  • More environmental health More fashionable beauty
  • Not the same feeling Create different decoration style

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The difference between liquid wallpaper and wall paper...
Ordinary wallpaper:The family is decorated in today,The wallpaper is getting more and more popular,Wallpapers personality diversity,But it cannot be denied,In many families...
What is a liquid wallpaper
Liquid wallpaper In fact, is a kind of environmental art coating.Only through the special tools and technology to effect and wallpaper...
Liquid wallpaper is good
Liquid paint wallpaper to avoid the traditional wallpaper is easy to become warped edge、Have a joint、Get moldy and secondary adverse factors such as complex construction;...
Liquid wallpaper prices
Effect of liquid wallpaper designs all variety,Meet your diversified needs,And the price is very affordable,Green environmental protection no formaldehyde...
Liquid wallpaper rendering
“Liquid wallpaper”Also known as“Wallpaper paint”,Gu...
CCTV2Swap space bar...
CCTV2Swap space Columns CCTV is a show about home outfit,Is popular with the audience,Last show...
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